Motivational Monday

Your success and happiness lie in you. - Helen KellerIt’s been a long Monday and the first Monday in a while where I felt like I dragged through most of the day.  There was the tiny part where I was hoping my venti coffee would help me out but it only managed to give me a caffeine buzz and then a really big sleepy feeling.  I’m trying to find time to do a little writing here and there, not to mention I’m still working on the query process.  I’m hoping my new addiction to podcasts help me out.  I’ve started listening to Tanis and I’m hooked again.  Both Tanis and The Black Tapes have me wondering about writing a new scary project.  Which is strange because I hate scary movies and anything which truly creeps me out.  But at least they’ve got me thinking about writing!  Have a great week, everyone!

Writer Wednesday

It’s Wednesday, right?  I think I might be turning into a pumpkin earlier and earlier at night, this does not bode well for my writing.  What happened to my ability to stay up late and jam to music and write?  Perhaps it went dormant or maybe it’s in a state of shock!  I’m currently working on writing a synopsis as I work toward finding an agent.  The rejection responses (or lack of responses) have started to roll in.  I’m really trying to find the best agent who will appreciate my storytelling voice and the fact I’m not able to pigeonhole my manuscript to one genre.  There are elements of paranormal, sci-fi, and romance in the novel.  But at the end of the day, it’s about character building and layering and hooking my readers into the world I’ve created.  Hopefully, that equates to a marketable audience.  Does anyone else have these kinds of thoughts?  Sometimes I worry I’m on the wrong track and I should have made different edits or cuts throughout the book so it would take on a different tone, but then I wouldn’t have been true to myself and the story I want to convey.  <deep breath>  This is only the beginning of the journey, I mustn’t weight myself down so much with worry.  Time to turn into a pumpkin and work more on the synopsis tomorrow.

Query Time

I’ve finally made the decision to go with querying an agent first, rather than trying to submit straight for publication or going down the self-publication route.  I am not an expert in publication so it’s best to leave this job to the experts, granted that’s if I can manage to land an agent.  I have a positive outlook on the process, it’s something new to learn and experience and I’m sure it’ll teach me a lot.  However, I also am bracing for the dreaded rejection letter.  I thought this Peanuts cartoon summed up my outlook on the future.
Peanuts Cartoon by Charles Schulz

If people ask what this is like, I would equate it to submitting your resume, as a kid straight out of college, for a big time job.   You have to sell yourself, sum up your life experience, or in this case a synopsis of your book, and convince the person reading your letter you’re worthy of their time and consideration.  So fingers crossed, let the querying begin.