Query Time

I’ve finally made the decision to go with querying an agent first, rather than trying to submit straight for publication or going down the self-publication route.  I am not an expert in publication so it’s best to leave this job to the experts, granted that’s if I can manage to land an agent.  I have a positive outlook on the process, it’s something new to learn and experience and I’m sure it’ll teach me a lot.  However, I also am bracing for the dreaded rejection letter.  I thought this Peanuts cartoon summed up my outlook on the future.
Peanuts Cartoon by Charles Schulz

If people ask what this is like, I would equate it to submitting your resume, as a kid straight out of college, for a big time job.   You have to sell yourself, sum up your life experience, or in this case a synopsis of your book, and convince the person reading your letter you’re worthy of their time and consideration.  So fingers crossed, let the querying begin.

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