Writer Wednesday

In speaking with my critique partner, or maybe it was more like grilling with questions, lol, I found out they wanted more about one of my secondary characters.  Granted, this secondary character is crucial to the story and eventually, no matter how much I want to stuff the character in a box, they would eventually get their own book.  I can’t say they’d ever get a happy ever after, it’s just not my style, but they would certainly get a fitting end.  I asked my CP if they thought a novella explaining the character’s circumstanced might have helped them understand the character’s positioning in the book.  My CP said yes and the secondary character lunged for their turn in the spotlight.

I went back through the book, to ensure I got the character’s details correct, and all of a sudden big new ideas started to form.  I heard dialogue first and definitely had curiosity about what my character wanted me to know about them and hear in the scene.  I could glimpse in the distance the cinematic feel to the opening.  And then my character opened their mouth to confront someone and my whole perspective on the character changed.  I’m excited to dive in and see what happens next.


I received my first batch of feedback from a critique partner today, it made me smile.  I’ve had about 10 different book ideas in the past 2 weeks, some panning out to 1k word start and some just being a one liner in my notebook. Almost all of them have been opposite genre to my first novel, a bit shocking.  The feedback sent really made me hungry to dive back into my novel’s world and reimmerse myself in it’s world building. My partner helped to bolster my confidence in areas I thought I was lacking and also pointed out the plot line areas where they craved for more information.  I’ll have to wait a few days for the typed notes, but already these characters I’ve loved for so long are getting antsy for another turn on the computer.

Friday Reading – With a Twist

If you show someone something you've written, you give them a sharpened stake, lie down in your coffin, and say, 'When you're ready'. - David MitchellI handed over my manuscript to my critique partners last week, it’s been a long ass week.  I am a curious person by nature, I love to be in the know, so it’s extremely hard for me not to be asking questions about how their reading progress is going.  I’m also not the most patient person, waiting around for feedback may be my downfall.  I’ve had people read sample passages, chapters or contest submissions before, but this is possibly the worst.  It’s my first time, so I know I’ve got to cut myself some slack, but seriously, cue the self-loathing and anxiety meds.