Absence and Day 1

I’ve been on a bigger than expected hiatus from writing and blogging lately. On top of an already grueling day job, which I love, and demanding schedule as a Mom ride share service for my kids, we recently experienced a death in our extended family of a loved one to cancer. Covid made the past year impossible to help console and comfort the caretaker and loved one, so it was a hard hit when the passing was announced. And then the mass shooting in Atlanta happened, at the same time we’ve seen this rise in hate crimes against Asians and on top of that, my own realization things for for Asians haven’t gotten better, they’ve only gotten worse. A bit rough on this Korean American’s heart.

Last week sucked. There’s no other way around it. One day it was nothing but tears, the next anger, the next despair. My emotions have been scrubbed raw and joy seems to be a little less as I see more reports about the men and women’s locker room equality and outrage over that, then over the death of 8 people, 6 of whom were Asian.

But today! Today I saw amazing authors and friends book on Instagram about #StandUpForAAPI this week. I knew I had to join in. So, I’m only one day behind but I’m hoping this will keep me active. Join us.

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