The End of November

November calendar
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It’s gloomy here in my corner of the world. A nice grey, slightly windy and rainy day to close out the month of November. For some odd reason, I feel like November was a fast month. Does anyone else feel this way? Perhaps it was the buzz of sprinting towards a NaNoWriMo finish or maybe it was looking forward to putting up some festive decorations and trying to find cheer in the midst of this pandemic year.

I’m sure next month will bring on a whole new set of challenges as we figure out how to close out a most interesting year. While 2020 has been, to quote almost every person, “unprecedented” <can we all agree just to retire this word?> I have, personally, found much joy and growth in the darkened storm clouds.

This month, I’m thankful we decided to decorate a little earlier with Christmas lights and cheer. I’m also enjoying the fact so many others have decided to do the same thing. The twinkling little lights keep me company as I sit at my computer at night and type. I’m grateful for the 20-minute sprints I was able to cram in and become a first time NaNoWriMo winner. The joy from writing another novel has really buoyed me these last few days of the month.

All right, time to return my thoughts to my day job and daydream about the writing process for later in the night.

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