Monday Motivation

I was searching for a good quote for today, there’s only a little time to spare before Monday is no more for me in my time zone, and my brain was vetoing all of the lovely, peppy and spritely quotes. I feel slightly unmotivated about writing and it can be hard to pep yourself up.  The logical thinking side of my brain, which has been on ice since I left the corporate world, has been thawing out and creeping  up to dominate over the creative side.  I fear it will take me another 4 years to write a book, piece by piece, late at night with only Sara Bareilles to fuel me.  And I can’t let that happen, not the Sara part, she’s always welcome, but the 4 year part.  I’ve started journaling again in hopes it will jump start a little creative writing and picked up a few writing podcasts to listen to during my commute.

As I scrolled infinitely through quotes and searched for different ideas, tumblr notified me of Tyler Knott Gregson’s latest post.  If you’re not following his website or Instagram or know of him, check him out. He runs an awesome Write Yourself Alive class and is an amazing writer and photographer.  The post he shared really resonated and I found the motivation I was searching for all of a sudden. Balancing everything will be hard at first but I can’t lose sight of what I truly love and the goals I’ve set for myself and my journey.  I need to remember to swim.

Tyler Knott Gregson Poem

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