New ChangesIt’s the last Writer Wednesday in August and I have a confession to make.  I’ve barely written anything the past month or so.  Sure, I’ve written a few starting passages to ideas and jotted down character names and ideas in my notebook, but I haven’t written anything too substantial.  I chalk it up to the impending change which will soon be starting next week.  I’m returning to the corporate workforce.

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to spend the last year plus polishing off my novel and taking care of my family.  I was able to soak in all of the experiences which many stay at home parents soak up every day.  It’s incredibly bittersweet to leave behind the job at home for a job back in an office, even if it’s cubicle free.  I have loved being able to jump on my computer and flesh out ideas whenever they strike.  Not to mention go grocery shopping in the middle of the afternoon crowd free.  I know those opportunities will be few and far between as I focus on learning a new company and new projects.

Before I took a year off, my novel took about 2 years to write as it was a midnight to 2 AM kind of gig.  I don’t think I can afford those office hours this go round, nor the length of time it took to produce my first novel.  I feel a little more focused as a writer headed back to the work force.  I know writing is in my blood and I’ll always need to share my crazy ideas after they’ve been crafted.  But publishing is a beast, and right now, I can only afford to feed that beast a miniature dog bone.  I don’t think it or myself will be very happy with the end result if I feed that bone to it.

So on this last Writer Wednesday of the month of August, I’ll kick back and laugh at silly shows and songs with my family, holding tight to the memories being created.  I’ll keep my running bar tab of ideas going, I know I’ll have a huge creative debt to settle, but it’s been worth it.  My writing vacation this past month is ending and it’s time to get busy.  Somehow though, I know I’ll work a little harder under those deadlines and pressure.  I’ll complain about it and moan and probably make a blog post about “what was I thinking” but it’s all worth it.  I just have to find the right balance.  Time to tackle new changes.

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