I’ve been watching Jared Leto’s new Great Wide Open series he directed.  The first four episodes are out and I highly recommend them.  There are some crazy people profiled and I’ll admit The Rockstar, episode 3, featuring Alex Honnold, made me cringe and hold my breath as they showed him soloing.  But it was episode 4, The Wolfman, featuring Doug Smith, that made me stop and pause at something he said.  He says “the wolf is the new west, not that romantic, macho, old west.  The new west, where you don’t blow away every predator you see.  And that takes more work and energy and thought.  So yes, wolves are a pain to live with, yes, all these carnivores are hard to live with ‘cause they kill things we want.  Maybe even us.”  Something about this idea of the new west resonates within in.  My creative spark wants to wrap itself around it and see where it could go.  I’ll be the first to tell you, I’m not a western genre girl, so this is a surprise.  But there is something exciting about toying with this “new west” idea.  Another idea for the notebook.

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