I’ll admit to not being the most focused writer some days. A snail could probably fly by me on weeks where there is a creative drought. I wonder if it’s not a short attention span, if my habit of cramming all of my ideas in short spurts and odd ball posts has somehow damaged my ability to laboriously languish over paragraph after descriptive paragraph. But even when I start to think about flash fiction I start to perspire. Can I possible cram everything I want to say in to a thousand words or less? Surely not, I’m too wordy and would want more description (this stated in a haughty type voice). A vicious self-doubting circle, if you ask me.

But really, it’s I’m easily distracted. A lot of it is the Internet and surfing ideas and then it all going to shit when I get caught in a YouTube black hole. How does Shakira shake her hips like that? The Summer Olympics are almost upon us and all writing hope runs out the door with soccer or the swimmers or the gymnasts or the sprinters, and so on, you get the picture. Maybe I’ll have to reward myself with an event a page, or something creatively motivating.

What’s really distracting me right now, is Suicide Squad. The interviews from San Diego and all of the press have my curiosity piqued. I wasn’t a comic book fan as a kid, I knew of Batman through reruns with Adam West and then when I was old enough Val Kilmer (yikes, I know). As I got older and Marvel movies became popular, of course I jumped on Team Marvel. I loved Christian Bale as Batman and Christopher Nolan is an absolute favorite director or mine, but Marvel’s Spider-Man, X-Men, Avengers, they won me over. But this! This group of badass criminals released back into the wild has me bouncing on my toes. And I only know about the Joker!  These other characters, I have no idea who they are, but they look deliciously fun. So, to write or watch another cast interview? Hm……

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