Write from the soul, not from some notion about what you think the marketplace wants. The market is fickle; the soul is eternal. - Jeffrey Carver

I absolutely love this quote.  Not because it’s from some famous author or millions of other people have photoshopped it and shared it for inspirational boards on Pinterest.  I love it for the simple fact it echoes everything I feel when I write.  I have never been one to conform to anything and when pushed, I almost always go the opposite direction.  My first novel is, at least to me, a bit unconventional in I can’t put it in one genre.  I fought a few rounds of editing, trying to rewrite passages I’d already poured blood, sweat and tears into, in order to make it fit more into a mainstream genre.  It was rather tortuous and almost all of those changes where tossed out for the original plot.  The characters were not happy, I wasn’t happy and I’m certain the muses were not pleased as I tinkered.  But, how else will I be able to sell it?  For publishers the book needs to be marketable but also differentiate from all the other books on the market.  It’s a tall order when really I just wanted to give some love to characters who have been developing in my brain for, at least, the past 15 years.  I’m ok with it not fitting squarely in one genre though, it’s the story I wanted to write.  So, as I get ready to start the next project, I’ll take this advice to heart.  I’ll write what I feel is best and what makes me happy.  At some point or another, someone besides myself will love it.  Right?

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