Falling by Jane Green, Available July 19

It’s been a long week for being a short holiday week.  I feel like a lot of people feel this way, trying to cram what they would normally do over the span of 5 days into 4 days.  Since about Wednesday I’ve thought it should be the next day, so I’m thankful it’s finally Friday.  I’ve enjoyed taking a few days off from editing and novel writing, but I can feel the itch to start something new.  A couple of characters poked their noses into my mushy brain yesterday (thankfully not in the shower!  The muses are humoring me!) and gave me a glimpse at something new and completely different from what I just finished.  I think for now, I’ll let them stew and get some late night reading accomplished.

I’m currently reading Jane Green’s upcoming novel, Falling, and I love it so far.  Emma and Dominic are an unusual pairing and I keep waiting for the bottom to drop out wondering if that’s what Emma is feeling too at the moment.  It’s certainly a nice escape after watching the current events from around the world and close to home.  Happy weekend, readers.

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